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Become a Learner or Tutor

The following seven  letters serve as a mnemonic for factors that, taken together, can help sustain motivation for the work of tutoring and learning in adult literacy education.


R: Relevance to the Learner’s lives

E: Engagement with the learning experience

S: Social capital development for Learners

P: Participation by Learners in choosing goals, curriculum materials, and methods

E: Educational opportunities across the lifespan and across multiple life cycles

C: Community support for adult literacy education

T: Teachers/Tutors who care about adults, literacy, and learning

Fill out the Intake Form to become a Tutor or take advantage of our FREE services and become a Learner! 

Return Intake Forms to mylvdac@gmail.com

Tutor Volunteer Intake Form

Learner Intake Form

Free Tutoring Services For Learners

  • reading, writing, or speaking English
  • filling out forms
  • reading to their children
  • talking with their child’s teacher
  • talking to their doctor
  • using a phone book
  • reading the newspaper
  • reading directions or manuals for a job
  • studying for a driver’s license, HSE/GED, or US citizenship

FREE Resource Services for Learners and Tutors

  • one-to-one tutoring for adults in Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language, Citizenship, HSE/GED Studies
  • small group instruction
  • advising and placement services
  • training for volunteer Tutors
  • resource library for Tutor use

“What Others Say”

If you are interested in our services or volunteering with us, please contact us at (575) 527-7641